The Fun Stuff

One for the meal, one for the reel.

When the business of promoting a show is taken care of, you sometimes get to just have fun. 


SHAMELESSLY SEXY: Shameless is a sexy show, and it would have been a shame to not show that off.

BAD GIRLS CLUB HASHTAG EDITION: I know, this show, it's so bad, but it's also so so good.  We had no

                                      footage to work with, and we weren't allowed to show any faces.  So.  This was our  

                                      creative solution.

WEEDS & THE BIG C: How do you co-promote two shows with two very different leads?  Add music.

DEXTER KILL ROOM: Dexter was coming to an end, and we all thought it was important to chronicle every kill.                                       Every. Single. One.

NURSE JACKIE: We felt the men in Nurse Jackie just weren't getting the attention they deserved.