Social & Digital

"The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom." - Jon Stewart

DATM: REBECCA ZAHAU TIMLINE IGTV: We created a timeline of this tragic story for IGTV and it broke records for Oxygen.


STRUT: I did a simple animation using illustrations and library music for fun instagram pieces.  Sometimes library music isn't so bad.

NANCY GRACE: TWEETS: This was a fun Nancy Grace piece that lightened the mood of all the true crime.


NANCY GRACE: 20 YEARS: Not many people know Nancy Grace's story, this helped show her in a different light.


KETEL ONE: GENTLEMAN SERIES: I Executive Produced a five-part series, this is final piece in the series.

PATRON: SECRET SUPPER CLUB: I Executive Produced this piece for  PATRON  and their Supper Club series.  This promotion vastly increased unique visitors to their Supper Club site.

SHOWTIME SERIES: ANIMATED DIGITAL PROMOS: I worked with Mark Auletta, gifted animator, to create a series of animated "fun facts" for several Showtime series.  A BRIEF HISTORY OF WEED has gotten well over 6 million views and has even been co-opted into dub-step versions by fans.