Making oil and water feel like a natural fit.

Over the last few years I've produced a large number of Co-Branded vignettes, here are just a few.

NCIS HAS BRUNCH AT SONIC: This was a fun mash-up of NCIS to promote the new brunch at SONIC.

EVERYDAY MYSTERIES: KEYS: We created these vignettes for our Ad Sales Team so they can sell "crime".

BREAKING IN: OXYGEN TRAILER: We worked with Universal to create this fun trailer with Gabrielle Union.

THE SHALLOWS: OXYGEN TRAILER: Who doesn't love interviewing a gorgeous Blake Lively?

BAD GIRLS & THE MAGICIANS: How do you connect a show about a group of magicians and a show about girls who like to fight each other drunk?  It's all in the hands. 

MELISSA MCCARTHY HOSTS: I got to interview Melissa Mccarthy.  About Bridesmaids.  So it was a good day.